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The Content Blockchain Project is run as an open, non-profit initiative. The Content Blockchain Network is open for anyone to create and develop new and innovative applications and tools that can connect to the distributed ledger.

The initiative provides the foundational tools and the infrastructure for a new content and media ecosystem based on blockchain technology. These include chain-agnostic standards for content identification (ISCC), smart licenses and transaction models.

The Content Blockchain will launch as an open source blockchain network tailored to the specific needs of the wider content and media ecosystem. It supports data streams, native tokens and on-chain governance.

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React Development Services

Server Interactions
NodeJS code can be easily accessed on the server bypassing the read, write, and delete commands.
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Content Execution
The ease in the server access to the NodeJS code results in faster content execution that further boosts the deployment speed of the NodeJS projects.
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Input/Output Model
NodeJS is a perfect option for real-time web applications as it works on the I/O model that is essential for work-intensive environments and diverse platforms.
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Easy Scalability
NodeJS applications are quite easy to scale by adding extra nodes during the horizontal scaling and extra resources during the vertical scaling.
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Highly Extensible
NodeJS web applications are highly extensible which means you can customize and add extensions as per your requirements.
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Active Community
NodeJS has a large and active community of JavaScript developers who offers ready-made and easy solutions for NodeJS projects.
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