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Custom development refers to the development of software that is distinct and separate from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) packaged software or existing packaged open-source software. Custom development either creates a new application or enhances the functionality of an existing application. It can be done by either in-house developers or by external contracted developers. For many years, we have provided clients with the best available tools and custom solutions perfectly matching their needs. We focused on developing technologies that responded to specific problems our clients encountered, and advanced IT solutions have become the main domain of specialist knowledge offered by us.

Custom software development services

With over 20 years of tech expertise and a full commitment to delivering front line products and services, SCAND has grown into a team of professionals capable of addressing clients’ business challenges by providing custom software development services such as desktop, web and mobile application development, cloud computing, DevOps and QA, UI and UX. Our team has a proven track record in developing custom software solutions for large enterprise organizations, mid-sized and small companies across the globe..


Desktop Custom Software Development
For the past 20 years we have aggregated solid experience in custom development of desktop software applications for all popular operating systems: Windows, MacOS, and Unix.
Front-End Web Application Development
We provide React, Angular, Vue.js development services and utilize other popular JS technologies to make your applications stand out the competitors.
Web Application Development
We offer deep web app development expertise to build amazing software products that meet all the modern requirements and utilize best practices in terms of functionality, security, scalability, etc.
Mobile Application Development
The mobile development applications we build are operating faster with the boosted scalability and functionality.
DevOps Services
If IT is not your core business, there can be compelling advantages in outsourcing your infrastructure to a trusted, reliable and customer-focused technology provider like SCAND
IT Staff Augmentation Services
Supplement your team with critical skill sets for your business or IT objectives, fill gaps in your current team and ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.


by 300+ clients for Finished Project, Web and Mobile App projects.

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